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                HIGH LIGHT products

                Stratum-B Stratum-K Stratum-C Stratum-A Stratum-E Stratum-G Stratum-F Stratum-H
                Opportunity Favors Creativity


                Add:Wuxing Industrial Zone,Donggang Town,Xishan District,Wuxi city
                Tel:(+86 510) 88354888
                Fax:(+86 510) 88764888

                Copyright @ 2005-2020 OFC Commercial Carpet Co.,Ltd

                ABOUT US

                OFC Commercial Carpet Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer in commercial carpet tile. Established in 2003, focusing on design, manufacturing and sale of commercial carpet tile, and always regards Quality, Cost, Delivery and Service as the foundation of company operation.
                Specialization, standardization, scale, intensive are the long term target of company.
                OFC would keep continuously efforts to build the "Made in China" worldwide brand, make contribution to development of Chinese carpet industry.